Pursant helps business owners grow the value of their companies and maximize that value when they exit.  

Our suite of Investment Banking, Strategic Advisory and Talent Acquisition services use a deep immersion process, our vast industry network and experience as owner/operators to successfully manage strategic transactions, optimize companies and recruit talent — vital, integrative initiatives for which our clients may not have the time, manpower or competencies.

Practice Areas

Investment Banking

Pursant crafts and executes strategies that allow you to achieve maximum value when you exit or acquire a business. We also help companies source a range of debt and/or equity financing.

Strategic Advisory

Pursant helps your company prepare for and maximize value in an eventual sale; position your firm to become a successful acquirer; or simply operate more profitably.

Talent Acquisition

Pursant sources and recruits the most talented people to fill talent voids in your organization, allowing your company to perform at an optimal level. 


Why Pursant

  • We get to know you.
  • We’ve been in your shoes.
  • We’re industry insiders.
  • We have proven success.

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Corporate Capabilities

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Industries We Serve

Pursant validated its relationship-centric deep dive approach by initially serving the business services and facility services industries. As our firm has grown, we have applied our proven model to companies in other industries that value an intimate and collaborative advisory experience over a transactional one.

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