Transaction Support

slideshow-compassWhat is your company really worth? How do you substantiate earnings? These are pre-transaction questions all business owners should be asking well in advance of a strategic transaction. Pursant can help provide the answers.

Before, during and after the deal process, does your finance and accounting team have the competencies and bandwidth to support the transaction process? If not, Pursant can provide qualified additional intellectual horsepower to help carry you through all phases of the deal cycle. Post transaction our team can help migrate your finance and accounting team to thinking and executing in a manner that will meet the more sophisticated reporting needs of acquisitive and/or leveraged parties.

Pursant’s transaction support team can provide Certified Business Valuations and Quality of Earnings Reviews to provide clarity on your company’s value. We can also provide interim CFO level personnel that will support you through the transaction process and prepare your finance and accounting team to provide more sophisticated value-add financial reporting that your firm needs when strategic transactions are involved.