Powered by an exceptional team with deep client-side experience and a broad industry network, Pursant operates as an extension of your business exclusively focused on the big picture. Our practice areas take on the strategic initiatives for which your firm may not have the time, manpower or competencies.


Investment Banking

Pursant helps you make a profitable exit from the company you’ve built or acquire companies that will take your business to the next level. We also source debt and/or equity to fund recapitalizations MBOs. Our advantages—an inside track on the best parties to bring to the table, a history of successful transactions as business owners, and a personal, hands-on approach—enable us to guide you through transactions as a trusted strategic partner and discerning intermediary.


Financial Consulting

What is your company really worth? How do you substantiate earnings? Before, during and after the deal process, does your finance and accounting team have the competencies and bandwidth to support the transaction process? These are  questions all business owners should be asking, well in advance of a strategic transaction.

Pursant can provide the qualified additional CFO level intellectual horsepower needed to help you through all phases of the deal cycle, including those which precede and follow a transaction.

Before and during a transaction, our team can provide the additional seasoned financial executive support needed to augment your team, allowing you to deliver more sophisticated value-add financial reporting that your firm needs when strategic transactions are involved. Post transaction our team can help migrate your finance and accounting team to thinking and executing in a manner that will meet the more sophisticated reporting needs of acquisitive and/or leveraged parties.

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Management Consulting

Our management consulting practice is staffed by experts that are adept at analyzing all aspects of a business, identifying strategic and tactical opportunities and then building customized solutions and roadmaps designed to improve sustainability, profitability and ultimately, enterprise value. Whether your goal is to set your business up for long term acquisitive growth, attain maximum value in a sale or just have a healthier company, it is critical to engage the right partner and start planning now. Having the right people and the right strategy can make the difference between nominal improvement and a fundamental shift in the performance and value of your company.

Our management consulting practice benefits:

Sellers – looking to sell their company someday, but feel the business is not prepared and that its value isn’t quite where they would like it to be.

Operators – who just want to operate more profitably and with less ownership and management fatigue.

Some of the services offered as part of our management consulting practice include: