Leadership Coaching

Engaging with Pursant for Leadership Coaching services is a way to add a trusted and experienced advisor to your arsenal to achieve optimal business value.  Different from a consulting engagement, coaching entails structured conversations that guide you to tap into your human potential to spark real change in your business.

Through virtual and in-person sessions, we work on an enhanced mindset and game plan for peak performance, similar to the way athletes work with a trainer.  You may choose to engage for help and discipline when working through a specific initiative, conflict or opportunity, or you may seek a way to step back and look at the bigger picture.

We coach business owners and senior executives individually and/or as a leadership team.

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When to consider leadership coaching

  • When you feel alone in your leadership role and need someone by your side
  • When you could use a sounding board to work through challenges or change
  • When you need accountability to get started and make forward progress on initiatives
  • When you want to make time to step away from the work to reset and focus
  • When you’d like to approach problem-solving differently for new and better results
  • When you seek to become more self-aware and effective
  • When you want a framework to understand and improve the dynamics of your team

Benefits of leadership coaching

  • Clearheaded and confident leadership decisions
  • Forward trajectory of business transformation initiatives to grow enterprise value
  • Positive changes in leadership team behaviors and styles
  • Development of competent leaders for business succession plan
  • Reduced ownership/leadership stress and fatigue

Pursant leadership coaches are

  • Neutral and objective
  • Constructive, results-oriented
  • Supportive listeners and guides, above all else
  • Experienced in business leadership and operations
  • Well-versed in your business and culture

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