Executive Search

Pursant pursues and recruits the right talent to fortify your management team, fill key leadership roles and strengthen functional expertise.

Finding the perfect fit is a science and an art, and it is our specialty.

This is easy for traditional search firms to say, but far more difficult to execute. Because Pursant is not a traditional search firm, and because we are often engaged in strategic transaction-oriented engagements with our clients, we offer unique advantages that enable us to present an unparalleled slate of qualified, proven high performers in sync with your needs:

We have interests that extend beyond the talent search

Because of Pursant’s focus on strategic transactions, we look at the business as a whole and gain great insight into its human resource opportunities. From our vantage point, we see that adding the best people can grow enterprise value; to us, talent acquisition is a strategic initiative, not just filling a void.

We leverage deep insight into your business

We believe that no search engagement can be successful without an understanding of the environment in which leadership candidates will be asked to operate. Some search firms think this can be accomplished by completing a questionnaire or a kickoff phone call. In contrast, we spend time in your business, with your people, until we really get it. We internalize your culture, values and objectives so it’s obvious just who is missing.

We don’t just tap into a database of job seekers

Just as there is a hidden job market, there also is a hidden talent pool. The best candidates are often the ones that are happily employed, so we reach far and wide into our network of executives, influencers and connectors. Our tenacity is unmatched. We’ll continue following trails of leads until we uncover the kind of talent you seek.

We were once successful consumers of search

Before we became a successful provider of search, we were business executives experiencing similar leadership challenges in industries like yours. Our search team has managed the hiring process independently and through talent recruitment firms. Years of assessing candidates, extending offers and managing leaders has given us invaluable insight into the factors that guarantee alignment between a company and a potential hire. Our team is also undaunted by searches in niche industries, for unique talents, in remote geographies.

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