Exit Strategy Planning

“Exit planning is the conscious effort to maximize enterprise value while enabling the conversion of that ownership into personal financial freedom and peace of mind.” - Patrick Ungashick from his book “Dance in the End Zone”

Exit planning is a process, not an event. It is a way of running your business that maximizes its value and provides a means to achieving an owner’s personal and financial goals. Preparing your company to receive optimal valuation in a sale can take months or even years.

Pursant’s exit planning team can help you:

  • Assess the present risk profile and value of your company
  • Design a strategy to maximize the value of our company
  • Be prepared personally and financially for this event
  • Ensure you have planned for the next act in your life

It can be challenging for longtime owners and business leaders to acknowledge the goal of an exit — whether near- or long-term—and take actions to prepare. Pursant’s Leadership Coaching services can help you embrace and act on exit plans and prepare top executives to take the reins.

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