Our Philosophy

Pursant is a different kind of investment bank. You’ll experience this difference in the spirit of our approach, which is:

  • Questioning, probing, challenging
  • Deep, thorough and holistic
  • Strategic, not just tactical
  • Proactive rather than reactive
  • Listening more than pronouncing or directing
  • Partnering and advising instead of order-taking
close up of ball maze with ball in maze

For some, an investment bank that addresses the stated need may be sufficient: find us a seller or buyer or financing. But for others, when the outcome of a strategic transaction can have life-changing implications, it is critical to find an advisor that discovers the big picture, challenges assumptions and evaluates potential directions before taking action.

Pursant is that kind of advisor.

We believe that in order to optimally fulfill the scope of an engagement, we must first fully understand how our mandate fits into the overall strategy. We dig deep to know you, understand your business and internalize your culture. What we learn guides the way we structure our engagement and tailor our services to your needs. We also use these insights to assess your readiness to embark on a strategic transaction, often making recommendations to maximize your outcome before taking the next step. Our singular focus: to positively impact the trajectory of your business and yield optimal transaction outcomes.

This analogy may best drive home why our approach matters:

When you seek professional treatment for a medical ailment, you might be concerned if your doctor immediately pulled out a prescription pad. The best physicians thoroughly study your physical, mental and emotional state, asking questions and running tests to help identify other issues before rushing into solutions. Such is Pursant’s approach to strategic transactions.

Our philosophy has been shaped by the fact we are business people and consultants at the core, not just deal experts and financial analysts. Pursant is powered by an exceptional team with deep client-side experience-the perfect blend of middle market business owners, seasoned executives and transactional experts that have been in your shoes and truly enjoy taking this journey with you.