Financial Consulting

Understanding Value

What is your company really worth and can you substantiate its earnings?

Many if not most business owners lack clarity on the value of what is likely their most valuable asset, their business and confidence that those earnings are valid and sustainable.

Specially trained and experienced members of the Pursant financial consulting team can provide you with the information you need to understand, sustain and grow the value of your business. See below to learn more.


Specialty Finance Professionals

Before, during and after the deal process, does your finance and accounting team have the required skills and bandwidth to support the transaction process? Business owners should know this well in advance of a strategic transaction.

Pursant can provide the qualified additional CFO level intellectual horsepower needed to help you through all phases of the deal cycle, including those which precede and follow a transaction.

Pursant can provide you with the additional specialty trained and experienced financial professional needed to augment your team, allowing you to deliver the more complex value-add financial reporting that your firm needs when strategic transactions are involved and be responsive to the significantly greater demands put upon your finance and accounting team. Post transaction our team can help migrate your finance and accounting team to thinking and executing in a manner that will meet the more sophisticated reporting needs of acquisitive and/or leveraged parties.

To learn more about our specialty finance professional services, click here: Interim CFO Placement

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