Leadership Coaching

In today’s competitive market, it takes more than a great business strategy and implementation plan for a company to succeed. It requires an agile leader or leadership team to develop transformational initiatives to drive more impact and value into the company.  The leader must possess specific skills, such as strong emotional intelligence, interpersonal skills, and strategic mindset to:

  • Make confident leadership decisions
  • Grow enterprise value through business transformation initiatives
  • Motivate team innovation and collaboration
  • Develop competent leaders for business succession plan

At Pursant, we work on an enhanced mindset and game plan for peak performance, similar to the way athletes work with a coach.  Our coaches are former business owners and C-suite executives, who can empathize with the pressure, challenges, and expectations of a leader.  With their extensive experience, they are able to work with business owners and senior executives individually and/or as a leadership team in a safe, confidential and supportive environment.

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When to consider leadership coaching

  • When you feel alone in your leadership role and need someone by your side
  • When you could use a sounding board to work through challenges or change
  • When you need accountability to get started and make forward progress on initiatives
  • When you want to make time to step away from the work to reset and focus
  • When you’d like to approach problem-solving differently for new and better results
  • When you seek to become more self-aware and effective
  • When you want a framework to understand and improve the dynamics of your team

Benefits of leadership coaching

  • Clearheaded and confident leadership decisions
  • Forward trajectory of business transformation initiatives to grow enterprise value
  • Positive changes in leadership team behaviors and styles
  • Development of competent leaders for business succession plan
  • Reduced ownership/leadership stress and fatigue

Pursant leadership coaches are

  • Neutral and objective
  • Constructive, results-oriented
  • Supportive listeners and guides, above all else
  • Experienced in business leadership and operations
  • Well-versed in your business and culture