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What We Do

Pursant is a middle market investment banking and advisory firm that provides M&A advisory, strategic transaction services, financial leadership support and consulting, and executive leadership coaching on business value enhancement and more.

Our powerful, integrative, customized suite of services deliver the insight and guidance parties seek to confidently navigate complex strategic initiatives, enhance enterprise value and optimize leadership performance. We use a deep immersion process, our expansive networks and experience as owner/operators, dealmakers and financial professionals to achieve optimal outcomes.

Our Philosophy

Pursant is a different kind of investment bank. You’ll experience this difference in the spirit of our approach, which is:

  • Questioning, probing, challenging
  • Deep, thorough and holistic
  • Strategic, not just tactical
  • Proactive rather than reactive
  • Listening more than pronouncing or directing
  • Partnering and advising instead of order-taking

Thought Leadership

Obtaining quality information is vital to great decision-making. Pursant provides insight and perspective for today’s business leaders contemplating strategic transactions.

Our Values

Hang with Good People

We cultivate meaningful relationships with people that share our moral principles of integrity, trustworthiness and respect; people that enrich our lives, serve the needs of our clients and grow our firm.

Plugged in to a Powerful Network

We leverage the power of our extensive network and seek to collaborate with the best and brightest to optimize outcomes.

Go All-In

We dig deep to understand the details while remaining focused on the Big Picture. We set the bar high, then over-deliver.

Smart is Just a Start

We believe business acumen, knowledge and experience are the foundation for the wisdom and insights our clients and colleagues expect from us. We bring bold and creative thinking to everything we do.

In it for the Long Haul

We are committed to investing in the growth of our people and our firm, ensuring fulfillment for our team and sustainability of the Pursant brand.

Recent and Upcoming Events

Mark Herbick co-chairs and speaks at Young Presidents Organization's (YPO) Annual "Acquisition Playbook" event

Apr. 25 - 27, 2023

Session Title: The Acquisition Playbook

This engaging, cross-disciplinary event covered best practices and recommendations for preparing for and launching an acquisition initiative. The event combined education with interactive panels, roundtable discussions and networking opportunities, giving members what they need to source and execute one or more acquisitions from start to finish.

Mark Herbick to speak at 2023 BSCAI Annual Convention

Nov. 15, 2023

Session Title: M&A, It Doesn’t Have to be an All or Nothing Deal

Buying or Selling a company is generally viewed as an absolute event. You either buy or sell all of the business or you don’t buy or sell at all. A meaningful percentage of businesses change hands every day in which the parties become partners as opposed to purely Buyer and Seller. During this session, we will discuss the process and best practices for structuring this type of transaction and the criteria for deciding whether it might be right for you.

Scott Glickson speaks at the annual National Pavement Expo

Jan. 28, 2023

Session Title: Preparing for and Executing a Successful M&A Transaction

During this session, Scott Glickson, Managing Director of Pursant reviewed the current state of M&A in the middle market and armed business leaders with the facts and insights they need to know in order to prepare for and effectively execute an acquisition or business sale.

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