Why Pursant?

Our name is derived from Latin and Sanskrit terms that implies “to excel at pursuit.” Your greatest challenges are our calling.

Pursant is an investment banking, financial and management consulting firm that supports and executes middle market M&A related initiatives and helps business owners grow enterprise value.

We use a deep immersion process, our expansive networks and experience as owner/operators and dealmakers to optimize businesses, manage strategic transactions and orchestrate liquidity events — vital, integrative initiatives for which our clients may not have the time, manpower or expertise.

Your Company's Life Cycle Timeline
Your Company’s Life Cycle Timeline

Your Company’s Life Cycle Timeline

Our goal is to be with your company from inception to its final liquidity event. We want to be your investment banking partner that also helps build the value of your business. View Timeline

The Pursant Approach

The unmatched depth of our approach sets us apart. We become an extension of your firm.  Our experienced team immerses ourselves in your company. We dig deep to know you, understand your business and internalize your culture, then custom-fit our approach accordingly.

Pursant is headquartered in the Chicago area with offices in both the city and the northwest suburbs.